Marc Orme, Michelin UK Motorsport

The inimitable Colin Stancombe, one of the most popular and highly  regarded figures throughout national motorsport in the UK, has been a mainstay  of the scene for decades and the Clio Cup Championship title success is proof,  if it were needed, SVE is as competitive as ever.


Niki Lanik – Clio Cup Winter champion with SVE and Porsche GT3 driver

From the first day I met Colin, I saw a distinct purpose in him – he wanted people to do well, win races and most importantly have fun. I joined Maggie and Colin’s team from 2006 to 2008, and I learnt more than can be written in words. Anyone who wanted to make their first step into a semi-professional and one-make series, I can only recommend to join Stancombe Vehicle Engineering. With them you will learn all the basic points to set you up for a professional career. Not just car set-up and which tyres to go out on qualifying, but you will learn a thing many people call Team Spirit. Thanks for having me on the team!

Richard  Rodgers, Motorsport News:

“Stancombe  has been a mainstay of the national racing scene for over three decades”.

Tony  Jackson, TOCA BMW Dealer Team, and Mat Jackson’s father:

“Colin and his team are great for young drivers. Giving them the help and assistance in the steps up the TOCA package. The benefit of his years of experience that his services supply provide excellent value for money on the way to the top”.

Paul  Rivett, Clio Cup Treble Champion:

“I have worked with Colin in the past on numerous occasions and have always been very impressed with the standard of preparation and ability that Colin and the team have and I feel that Colin prepares nothing but race winning cars”.

Caroline  Menu (Alain’s Wife):

“Just  a quick note to say thank you for your help, advice and support over the last  couple of days.  You’ve all been  absolutely brilliant and although I’m glad the family doesn’t rely on me to  earn a living out of my driving skills, I’ve had a very good time!”

Clive  Turner – customer, Stancombe Vehicle Engineering:

“I  would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding service  that you and your team provided me during the race weekend at Brands Hatch recently.  It really is a pleasure to work with a team  which gives me such tremendous support even though I can only manage to do a  round every now and then!”

Richard  Marsh – customer, Stancombe Vehicle Engineering:

“I  think the best compliment I could give you is that I would happily recommend  you to anyone considering running a car.   If anyone needs a reference about you, then send them my way.”

Matt James – Motorsport News:

“For most of my life I have been watching Colin racing and engineering race cars and I can see that he has managed to put all that experience together by the way he now runs his team”.

Colin’s Mum :

“Colin  Stancombe is the greatest engineer in the world – he is so clever and good  looking, he should be a centrefold in Playgirl.”   (no bias there then!)


All  of these customers and referees have willingly given us these quotes, and we  have their contact details if you wish to verify their comments.