Caterham Supersport and R300 Championship


We are pleased to announce that Stancombe Vehicle Engineering have now been appointed an approved race team supplier by Caterham Cars

We have expanded our team to eight cars this season. With 5 of our current drivers being joined by Rowan Williams, Chris Wright and Ian Hain. Lee Wiggins has moved up to the r300 championship but the rest are racing in Supersport

Lee Wiggins, car 32, kermit green; Steve Day, car 20 paintbox blue; Chris Lay, car 88, jaffa orange ; John Reid, car 2, police battenburg colour scheme and David Briault car #50

Lee Wiggins, finished second in the 2012 Caterham Supersport Championship driving the Stancombe Vehicle Engineering – Stanford  Coachworks sponsored car, Steve Day, also a front runner,  is sponsored by A J Life, and has been successful in attaining pole position at  all of the UK  races, and also fastest lap at Rockingham.


Lee has known Colin Stancombe for  many years, but he originally met Colin when his family took him ski-ing in the  Pyrenees.   He was only a boy then, but it soon came to light that Stancombe had the  potential to eventually help him fulfil his dream of racing cars.  As far as the après-ski partying sessions  were concerned, Lee also realised that Stancombe was “the oldest delinquent  teenager he had ever seen” (Lee’s own words)!!

Although Steve hasn’t known Colin  for quite as long, he has nevertheless experienced the aura of one of the  infamous Stancombe parties, so was well aware of what he was getting into when  he asked Colin to help him with his race car.

Keep getting those great results  guys, and long live motor racing!!


Caterham Supersport and R300 Calendar 2015


April Sat. 18th Snetterton R300 + Supersports
Sun. 19th Snetterton R300 + Supersports
May Sat. 9th Donington R300 + Supersports
Sun. 10th Donington R300 + Supersports
May Sat. 30th S’stone GP R300 only
Sun. 31st S’stone GP R300 only
June Sat. 20th Zandvoort R300 + Supersports
Sun. 21st Zandvoort R300 + Supersports
July Sat. 18th Castle Combe Supersports only
Sun. 19th Castle Combe Supersports only
August Sat. 1st Brands GP R300 only
Sun. 2nd Brands GP R300 only
Sat. 22nd Brands Indy Supersports only
Sun. 23rd Brands Indy Supersports only
Sept. Sat. 19th Oulton R300 + Supersports
Oct. Sat. 17th S’stone Int. R300 + Supersports
Sun. 18th S’stone Int. R300 + Supersports